Empowering Your Journey to Strength and Wellness.

Welcome to Cancer Fit: Empowering Your Journey to Strength and Wellness.

At Cancer Fit, we are dedicated to supporting cancer patients on their path to strength and wellness. We specialize in helping patients manage the side effects of cancer therapies while enhancing bone and muscle strength, toning their bodies, and improving overall fitness. In our safe, controlled, and private clinical environment, we provide personalised support tailored to your unique needs.



At Cancer Fit, we specialise in helping patients with a cancer diagnosis manage the side effects of cancer therapies while enhancing their bone and muscle strength, toning their bodies, and improving their overall fitness. We provide a safe, controlled, and private clinical environment where you can receive personalized support throughout your journey.

Before meeting with our team at Cancer Fit, our patients typically fall into the following categories:

  • Undergoing or have completed treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery.
  • Uncertain about how to exercise effectively with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Feeling uncertain, worried, vulnerable, or isolated.
  • Self-conscious or concerned about joining a regular gym.

How We Can Help You.

Side Effect Management: Our experienced team helps minimise discomfort and maintain strength during cancer treatment.

Personalised Fitness Programs: We design customised programs to meet your specific needs and abilities.

Ongoing Support: We regularly reassess your progress, provide valuable feedback, and foster a supportive community.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Enhanced Physical Well-being: Feel stronger and more energetic as you overcome physical challenges.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Our approach enhances your overall well-being during and after treatment.
  • Personal Empowerment: Regain control and confidence in your body's abilities.

Join the Cancer Fit Community: Take the first step on your transformative journey to strength and wellness. Our website is your gateway to a supportive community and expert guidance. Discover how Cancer Fit can empower you to thrive beyond cancer.

At Cancer Fit, we specialise in working exclusively with patients who have a cancer diagnosis. Our tailored services are designed to meet your specific needs, and they include:

  • Medical supervision with an oncologist: We collaborate with your treating team, reviewing scans and medical history to develop a safe exercise program.
  • Individualized training plan: Based on a thorough physical assessment by our clinical oncology exercise physiologist, we create a personalized training plan just for you.
  • Hands-on coaching and support: Our team offers continuous coaching, personalized feedback, and comprehensive support, all at a competitive price.
  • Regular reassessment and progress check-ins: We monitor your progress and adjust the program as needed.
  • Supportive community environment: Connect with others who understand your situation, creating a supportive and understanding network.

If you would like to book a no-obligation FREE conversation, please provide your details, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Join Cancer Fit today and let us empower you on your journey to strength, fitness, and improved well-being.

Additional benefits to joining our program:

  • No lock-in contracts: We offer flexibility and accommodate your needs.
  • A team of professionals: Our multidisciplinary team includes oncologists, physiotherapists, pain/rehabilitation specialists, and exercise physiologists who work together to provide comprehensive support.
  • Expertise in managing treatment complications: We understand the challenges that may arise during treatment and know how to assist you.

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